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    KIDS - 78X4' - France

    ARIOL is the hero of the series. He'd be very much like any other little boy if he weren't blue, had tall ears and a huge pair of glasses perched on his nose. No finely chiselled profile, no cherub, n...


    KIDS, FAMILY/YOUTH - 78X26' - France

    When Sophie and Emma moved into their new house with their widower father, they expected a quiet, boring life. But the very first day they made a discovery that meant it would be just the opposite. Se...


    PRE-SCHOOL - 60X5' - France

    Two jolly little imps, brimming over with good-natured fun, solve the many problems of life, as they rival each other in imagination and ingenuity.

  • MIRACULOUS -Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

    TEEN & TWEENS - 78X26' - France

    A miraculous new tv series! Marinette and Adrien are close friends the day, unknown team-mates the night, when they transform into superheroes: Ladybug and Chat Noir. Their mission: capture evil cre...


    TEEN & TWEENS - 26X26' - France

    On the stormy and sometimes absurd seas of adolescence, Fred's head navigates against the prevailing winds. He is a buccaneer of political incorrectness. Everyone seeks to force Fred's head - misunder...