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  • The most famous adventurer of all times: Christopher Colombus. The fabulous history of the discovery of the New World. The dangers, the suspense, the courage and the idealism for one man against all. ...


    KIDS - 78X4' - France

    ARIOL is the hero of the series. He'd be very much like any other little boy if he weren't blue, had tall ears and a huge pair of glasses perched on his nose. No finely chiselled profile, no cherub, n...


    KIDS, FAMILY/YOUTH - 74X7' - France

    9 years old, 33 inches tall, and 26 lbs. soaking wet... suffice it to say that Pahé is not the big, tough, athletic type. His best friends: Sebastian. But Pahe and Seb are two inseperable friends. SEB...


    KIDS - 30X2' - France

    Blacky is feeling unwell. Blackie always feels unwell. She would like to have been born a deer, because whoever heard of a cow in a fairy tale? Her milk tastes funny: a taste of cow. Ambling by the mu...


    PRE-SCHOOL - 60X5' - France

    Two jolly little imps, brimming over with good-natured fun, solve the many problems of life, as they rival each other in imagination and ingenuity.


    KIDS - 78X5' - France

    She hates everything, you're gonna love her ! Rosie is a brat, pure and simple, but it doesn't mean she can't smile! Rosie has an imaginary friend she calls Blackie, and, as the name doesn't suggest...


    KIDS - 26X26' - France

    Danger lurks. Group 666's agents, have infiltrated the higer levels of power of the world federation. Chris Colorado becomes the President's man to save democracy and peace. Dismantling group 666, Chr...


    KIDS - 26X26' - France

    The legendary hero, one of history's first ecologists is back. And for the first time in a cartoon series Davy Crockett has become a legend of virtues and qualities that we can all identify with : a ...


    TEEN & TWEENS - 26X26' - France

    On the stormy and sometimes absurd seas of adolescence, Fred's head navigates against the prevailing winds. He is a buccaneer of political incorrectness. Everyone seeks to force Fred's head - misunder...

  • GOAL

    KIDS - 52X26' - France

    Soccer thrills every boy around the world, thanks to the feelings and emotions it engenders... A combination of competition, team spirit and effort. Benjamin joins the San Podesta Junior Team. He is...